ABN for GovConnect STP more than one user

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The person in our office that registered our ABN for GovConnect STP is not at work today. We have to upload our payroll to GovConnect and we have tried to register another user but it wont allow a second user to register to perform this task. What is our business supposed to do?


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    Hi Gemma,
    MFA on Single Touch Payroll is at a user level so at this stage you will need to get the MFA code from the user who set it up. MFA codes change every 30 seconds so I'd recommend getting it from them and entering the code at the same time.

    I know all of that isn't ideal especially in these circumstances and we recognise that. The ability to share the Single Touch Payroll tile is on the way and we're looking at early next week for release, provided that testing proves successful.
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    Rav I set mine up on my computer at work. I also work from home so I cant use it on my lap top. Am I better to do this through my phone? 

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    Rav - can you assist in my question - I set my authenticator up on my work computer - so i cant use my laptop at home?? Would i be better revoking the MFA on my computer and putting the app on my  phone? 

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    gee, that is very disappointing and not very good legally. Someone is using someone else authentication code and then putting someone else name to it at the end.. Mmmm would not think this would of been allowed to be rolled out without this being thought out first.  Most business's  that use Reckon Hosted have multiple users and all should  be able to perform the function of MFA. The reason why we have multiple users is if anything were to happen to the other person someone else could take over and not bring our business to a standstill...

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