Trading Name not Displayed on Invoice

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How do I display a Trading Name on Invoices?

So far not happy with customisation!
For example.....
Every word is the same font size
Cant arrange anything, unlike Reckon Desktop
The logo is pixelated, spent almost 2 hours resizing, still not the best image.
Cant change "Ref# "to "Purchase Order."
just to name a few.......     :(


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    Hello NewUser,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    If your Trading Name is different to your Legal name, make sure the names are entered into their respective fields in cogwheel > Settings > General > Book Settings, and the General details tab.

    You can configure your Invoice Template by clicking on the Template link in the top right of the invoice and select Manage.  Here you can make choices what appears on the invoice.  

    Hope this helps.

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    G'day John

    Many thanks for your reply.

    I have confirmed my legal name and trading names are in the settings, but still unable to Display both names. Please see below for a list of information able to be displayed on the invoice. Is there another page for customisations?
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    thanks NewUser,

    You will only see one name - the Company Name as it is in the Settings field.  Legal name will not show.  

    Do both names have to be present on the invoice?
    Is it a case of "XYZ Pty Ltd trading as ABC Business"?

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    There is a new Add-on for Reckon One that gives you greater control over the design of your invoices.

    "Prettier Invoices" is a Windows program that lets you create much prettier invoices than Reckon One lets you by giving you more control over the look of your invoices. You can add extra text, images, or add a watermark image to your invoices.

    For more details:

    A free trial is available for you to test it out.

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