I've just upgraded to Reckon Personal Plus 2018 and I have two issues.

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1) When I open the programme my previous file doesn't automatically open any more.  I get the welcome screen asking me if I'm a new user or an existing one. 
2) When I try a back up I get an error code 7006 message.



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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Reckon Accounts Plus 2018 upgrade, doesn't remember previous company files.. My previous company files is set to 4.
    When I first open the programme my last used company file opens.
    My "Open Previous Company" tab only shows the one company.
    I click on the "Open or Restore Company" tab and open up my other three companies one by one.
    They now all appear on my Previous Company Tab.
    If I close Reckon Accounts down and reopen only the last used company appears.

    How can I get it to remember all four companies on shut down?
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    That is so weird.
    I created two separate topics regarding two separate accounts packages, Personal and Business and Reckon have managed to merge them.  How does that work?
    The company file issue is with Reckon Accounts Plus 2018.
    Nothing to do with Personal Plus 2018.

    Under File Menu in Accounts Plus there are the following menu items - "Open or Restore Company" and "Open Previous Company"
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    I had this problem and got help from tech support. You can close that new/existing user box. Click file, open and make note of where the QDF file you are trying to access is saved. Close the program and then navigate to the file in Windows Explorer (or equivalent) and rename just the QDF file to one word, no spaces etc. Then reopen the program, close the new/existing box and click file, open. Navigate to the renamed file and select it. You should then be able to back it up. After that the file will load automatically when you open.
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    User requested Please reference the new conversation here: Previous company files
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    Thank you Annette.
    That worked a treat :)
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    Thank you but it did not work. The file backed up fine, but still opens the Existing/New box, and then looks to put in a disk.  Who uses a disk today?

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