How do I save invoices as PDF in a folder on my computer

RoslynRoslyn Member Posts: 117
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Trying to save a pdf invoice to a folder on my pc.  When I ask Reckon to save as a pdf it only has Reckon folders available.  Is there anyway I can do this?


  • Catherine HealyCatherine Healy Member Posts: 16
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    When I save: I go to print and get as far as just before the last PRINT, I change my DESINATION to save as pdf and then I chose a folder to put it into. Hopefully thats all clear enough.
  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,107 Administrator
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    Hi Roslyn,
    Save the document to the Q drive which is one of the Reckon drives you'll be seeing.
    Once that is done, use the Floating Toolbar to download it to your PC.
    Check out the video below.

  • RoslynRoslyn Member Posts: 117
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    Thanks Catherine.  That worked well :)

  • RoslynRoslyn Member Posts: 117
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    Thanks Rav.  Catherine's solution above is much quicker and more efficient.  :)
  • KatieKatie Member Posts: 2
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    Hi , that didn't work for me as it just printed out giving me no option to save as HELP
  • Johnny Lambo JonesJohnny Lambo Jones Member Posts: 1
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    is there anyway to make this faster and download directly to my computers desktop?
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