Additional tax option in Employee set up not calculating

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I've got an employee that wants to pay additional tax and I've put the additional tax percentage in as required but it isn't calculating in the pay run. Any ideas as to where I've gone wrong? 


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    Go into employees centre, click on the employee, then click on payroll and compensation, then taxes and you will see a box for extra tax, just put an amount in there and Reckon will take out extra every pay run. If it is a percentage not sure. That person may just have to nominate an amount
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    Welcome to the Reckon Community, Meryl.

    The operation of the Extra Tax field is configured according to ATO instructions.  When a percentage is entered, Reckon One will compare it to the selected Tax Scale and use the higher rate.  

    You should only opt for a lower tax rate on a written instruction from the ATO, and then select the Tax Scale Voluntary/Flat rate.

    Otherwise, only an Amount entered in the Extra Tax field will be processed.  

    Hope this helps.

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    We have a staff member coming off materity leave.  She will be working 1 day/week for a few months and building up over the 12 months to 3 days or more.  With only paying one day a week  - there is no tax being deducted and the employee wants deductions made.   I have gone into her card and under the tab "payroll and compensation info" - Taxes...  I have entered addtional tax as a 9.5% but nothing is happending when I do the payroll run.  What I am doing wrong?
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