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Good Afternoon I know I can filter by Payroll Totals Report by Class which is no problem but I was wondering how I can get the "Class" name to actually show on the reports?  Thank you


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    When you have the report in front of you.

    Click on Modify Report

    Click on Header/Footer

    Type in what you want as the Report Title.

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    Thanks Graham since the class doesn't actually show that is a good work around.  Appreciate your feedback.
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    Hi, could you please tell me how to set up class? i also can't find how to type "Class" on the report title ( is this maybe i am not the admin)? my report also doesn't show report title since all boxes ticked, please help me how fix it?
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    Hi Jun do you not have classes set up?  It needs to be turned on.
    Accounting - Company preferences
    tick use class tracking
    This is how mine is set up.
    Some reports actually show classes eg P&L by Class.
    The report that I wanted eg payroll I couldn't show the class so I filtered it and then just changed the heading
    Hope this helps

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    thanks Michelle, the class tracking already ticked. but no "class" column show on Payroll total report? is any possible i can add the "Class column" on the report which will be very useful for me. I've looked around the modify report but haven't figured it out how to do it?
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    Yes unfortunately I had the same problem.  All the classes are shown on payroll total report  (totals only and you can't see what the class is) and the only was to see the class separately is to filter them if you say only want one class to show or pick so many classes that you want and edit the heading to line up with your report that have filtered.

    Generate your payroll totals report
    Filter by Edit what class or classes you want to show
    Click on Modify 
    Click on header/footer and just type in want you want eg Western District Payroll Totals - you unfortunately have to manually make the change to the heading yourself
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    hmm, time cost. something software developer probably can do to improve. 
    thanks for your help Michelle
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    This is an essential report for us where you can print Payroll Totals with a Column showing the Employee's Class.

    Is there any report where you can the staff list with the Class shown?

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    @Satwant If it's just a list you're after, you can add that column to the Employee Contact List :

    I never use the Payroll Totals report as it has been known to be inaccurate sometimes. Instead, I always use the Payroll Summary report. You can choose to show this one by Class if that's any help ?:

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