Integrated Application (QODBC) not working after 2023 upgrade

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Since upgrading to Reckon Accounts Premier 2023 (and of necessity upgrading our QODBC driver to, all of our integrations have stopped working.

The error reported is the old "QuickBooks Begin Session Failed. Error = 8004041d, This application is not allowed to log into this Reckon Accounts company data file automatically. The Reckon Accounts administrator can grant permission for automatic login through the Integrated Application preferences."

I've removed and re-authorised the QODBC driver more times than I can remember but it has made no difference.

I've lodged a support request with FLEXquarters, but so far their reply has been a deafening silence, so I thought I'd post on here to see if anyone has found a way around this.

We're running Windows Server 2019. Everything was working fine until the Reckon/QODBC "upgrades", so I suspect the problem lies with Reckon itself not the environment.


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    My Reckon integration apps work fine with the 2023 upgrade. You should check with QODBC, personally, I don't (recommend) use them. Reckon is backward compatible with the SDK so you shouldn't have to upgrade the tool in order to keep connecting to it.

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    Thanks for that. I would have thought that too, but they keep telling me I have to upgrade. In fact, it's not actually an upgrade they make us buy a full version at $999.00 + GST every time Reckon changes.

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    Hi @mikelegg

    I checked in with our API team for their thoughts on this and if you've tried the connection process repeatedly without success, as you've mentioned you have, then the next step is to have a chat with QODBC. I'm sure they'll get back to you soon via the request you've already submitted to them however it looks as though there is also a contact number listed on our marketplace page HERE so you can give them a buzz.

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    Thanks for that. Yes, I've emailed Tom, but I think I'll give him a call now.

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    FLEXquarters have given me zero help with this. Their only response was to cut and paste some text from their website into a reply. (Information which my original ticket made clear I had already read and followed multiple times).

    So I'm now left to try and work this out for myself, so I would appreciate any help I can get from this forum.

    The issue is that QODBC functions properly while a Reckon file is open is Reckon, but when I close the Reckon file QODBC no longer works.

    I've gone through the steps of authorising QODBS as an integrated application 20 times now and it makes no difference.

    So I need some suggestions as to why Reckon 2023 refuses to recognize integrated applications, while Reckon 2021 had no issue with this.

    Here's some screenshots from one of our Reckon files showing the settings. These settings worked fine with Reckon 2016 and Reckon 2021, but for some reason Reckon 2023 ignores them.

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    Okay ... here is the solution for anyone else who has this problem (Courtesy of RandomUserName)

    1. Remove the application approval in Reckon, then close. 
    2. Rename/Delete the .LGB file which has the same name as the company file.
    3. Reopen, re-add approval