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This software doesn't seem to change even though there is a $190 yearly fee. What new features are coming?

There seems to be lots of other programs that allow for bank datafeeds that then automatically categorise each item - when will this be available in Personal Plus?

Also, only getting daily ASX share prices seems archaic - will this change to somthing a lot more frequent?

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  • Rav
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    Hi @Kiles

    The Personal Range software (Personal Plus and Home & Business) is a mature software which we will continue to support however no new features or functionality will be developed in its current form. Bank feeds are currently available in other software such as Reckon One and Reckon Accounts Hosted.

    From a broader perspective, the (much) longer term plan is to develop our cloud service, Reckon One to incorporate the unique features of the desktop-based Reckon Personal software into it and also add further enhancements to the offering such as bank feeds, mobile access etc. However this is much further down the line on the roadmap as there are a huge number of considerations to a project of this magnitude along with some very large projects that are already underway and planned.

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  • Kiles
    Kiles Member Posts: 4

    So why do I have to pay $190pa for this outdated software that isn't updated?

  • Eric Murphy
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    I'm just a fellow user of the software like you and while I'd love to see it get a bit of love, I've been under no illusions that it's outlived it's shelf life. Your comment above is a redundant one.

    You don't have to pay for it if you don't want to. You're not a hostage, if it's not providing value to you any longer then just make that choice. Simple stuff.

  • Kiles
    Kiles Member Posts: 4

    What do I get for $190?

  • GerryWinter
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    You get the program as it is and i asume it has serviced you well in the past.

    As @Eric Murphy said you dont have to use it anymore if it not satifactory.


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  • Kiles
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    Will I lose any functionality if I don't pay the $190?

  • Eric Murphy
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    Good gracious mate. What generally happens when you don't pay for something?

  • Peter Jenke
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    I purchased my first version of Quicken in 1992. Ever since it's been my accounting software for both our personal use and for our SMSF. Every year that I was required to, I paid my annual upgrade/licence fee and the software has proved extremely valuable. Apart from the odd stumble, it's also proved extremely reliable and I've found nothing else has come close for managing our personal finances - as well as those of our SMSF. The financial history I have is extraordinary. On the odd occasion where I have run into strife, someone on this forum (see above) has always been there to provide assistance above and beyond what could be expected and this has been invaluable. I must admit I'm probably more anal than most, and religiously balance my personal and SMSF accounts to the cent. Quicken/Reckon has made that easy for me.

    For health reasons, I've now had to hand the management of our SMSF to the professionals. However, I continue to operate Reckon as before and find my records are more current and accurate than those of the professionals. I will continue to use and rely on it for as long as I possibly can.

  • David Collins_10797024
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    Yep - you wont be able to access your data.

    As others have said, it's been a good product over the years but as there's no easy way to migrate all the personal data out of the app, those of us with a long history of use are somewhat stuck - so Reckon charges what they can get away with for an app that they do little to maintain amd virtually nothing to enhance. It used to provide updates to the US stock market - but that broke and was never fixed - poor form on Reckon's behalf.. If there was an easy way to migrate to another platform, I think people would leave in droves.. Anyone have any suggestions?