Does Reckon Accounts Personal Range support bank feeds?

Silke Heinrich
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I downloaded the trial version of Personal Accounts Plus 2013 and can't figure out how to download transactions directly from my bank. So far I can only download QIF files from my online banking which I then have to import (cumbersome...).

Was wondering if that's because this feature is not supported in the trial version is it not available at all (for Westpac and CBA)? Would like to know before I buy... Thanks.


  • Mirko
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    Hey Silke,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community and thank you for your query regarding Accounts Personal.

    At this point in time the Personal range does not offer a bank feed integration. The QIF import option would be the quickest way at this time to import into the personal range.

    Reckon Accounts 2014 Business range 2014 (available now) will include Bank Data feeds from 11/04/2014, and our Cloud based product Reckon One already supports live bank feeds.

    You can sign up for a trial of Reckon One via:


  • Graham_7008506
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    Surely bank feeds is critical for personal customers too. For a premium product this lack is inexcusable. How about spending some of my annual fee in adding this simple feature instead of trying to gouge me some more.
  • Warbs
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    Agreed.  Surely if this is available for business users it can be made available to personal users as well?  Can we get an explanation from Reckon why it would not provide this service to it's personal users?
  • Mirko
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    Hi Warbs, at this point in time the Personal range does not have Bank Data. This is not to say it will not be a feature introduced in the future. I have pass on your feedback to the Product Managers for future consideration.
  • Richard Jasek
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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Does Accounts Home and Business 2015 support bank feeds?. Hi,
    I've used Quicken for quite a few years and just upgraded from Home and Business 2008 to Accounts Home and Business 2015 trial version. So far the upgrade has gone smoothly, but it's virtually the same product as 2008 and I'd like to expand its capabilities if I'm to justify the upgrade price. Can I add on bank feeds to this? The QIF import method is so very cumbersome and clunky!
  • Tony Lewis
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    You really need bank feeds on the Personal range. I want to use quicken. But I don't want manual feeds. I am currently using get pocketbook, which works fine with bank feeds, but I need the power of quicken - please invest some time in adding this feature.

  • Colin Cunningham
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    Does Accounts Home and Business 2017 support bank feeds? Have waited years and hope will occur someday? Any plans?
  • Rav
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    Hi Colin,

    At this stage I don't have any word on plans to introduce bank feed functionality into our Personal Range.

    Our Reckon Accounts Business range and Reckon One are the current solutions which support our BankData product.
  • PeterLeech
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    Reviving an old post a few years later - I have Accounts Personal Plus 2022 installed - any hope of bank feeds yet?

  • Rav
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    Hi @PeterLeech

    There are no plans to introduce bank feeds into the Personal Range in its current form.

    The (much) longer term plan is to develop our cloud service, Reckon One to incorporate the unique features of the desktop-based Reckon Personal software into it and also add further enhancements to the offering such as bank feeds, mobile access, cloud access etc. This has been approved as a project however is further down the line on the roadmap in terms of timeframe as there are a huge number of considerations to a project of this magnitude.