Unable to access Lists, permission denied "You do not have permission to view the list of Super Fund

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When you click on the List menu and try to access the super funds list, you see this error message:

'You do not have permission to view the list of Super Funds'

Note: This can occur with any list.

This indicates either a damaged Admin user record or a user record which actually has not been set up with the permission to view that list.

If the username you are using to login to the Payroll Premier program is not the Admin user, then login as the Admin user and setup that other username to be enabled to access that specific list.

If you have confirmed that you are logged in as the ADMIN user and you are still unable to view the list, then it is most likely that your user record is damaged.

You can locate an older backup and restore it.
How To Use The Reckon Payroll Premier Recovery Wizard

If those older backups are 'too old' and would require a large volume of data to be re-entered, you can consider sending your current damaged data file to us for analysis.
Request a data service.

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