How to remove or reset an unknown Admin user password in Reckon Accounts (Desktop / Hosted) company

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There may come a time when it is necessary to login to a company data file as the default administrator user account in order to perform tasks or access functions only available to the Admin user.

These can include upgrading your company data file to a newer version of the Reckon Accounts product or accessing functions assigned to roles with high level administrative user access.

Typically the owner of the data file or the one who created the data file would be the primary Admin user. In some situations, an accountant or bookkeeper may have set up the data file on behalf of their client.

A password removal service is available if you have forgotten, misplaced or no longer have access to the Admin user password, such as when businesses change hands, employees leave, etc.

You can submit the file to the the Data Recovery Team and we can perform the password removal operation.

To get things started, please request a new case to be opened by completing the online case request form by clicking the link below.


Note that the password is removed and at no point do we determine what the actual password is.

You can see the services page for other data services on offer, such as data recovery file repair and data upgrade/conversion.
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