How to ensure class tracking selection in transactions

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When recording a transaction that makes use of classes, you may want to have that same class remembered the next time you enter a similar transaction.

Firstly you check your data file PREFERENCES.

Click on Edit menu

Then click Preferences

Then click Accounting (on the left side)

Then click Company Preferences tab

Look at whether "Use class tracking" is enabled, enable this if required

Look at whether "Prompt to assign classes" is enabled, enable this if you want to be reminded to assign a class to all transactions

Now click on the General section (on the left side)

Check the section "Automatically recall information"

- enable the option Automatically remember account or transaction information

- now choose which method suits your requirements

- make use of the in-product Help system for a more detailed explanation of the different methods

* click on the Help menu and select Reckon Accounts Help

* use the search term "Automatically recall information" in the Index or Search tab

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Memorising classes when entering transactions