Will Quicken Personal 2012 work on Windows 10 when it is released

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    Oh Gary
    It barely works on Win 8.1.  I really do not like our chances.  
    There has been a lot of talk about Reckon losing interest in the Personal range.  I am worried because I have been using the program for a long time. What can I replace it with?

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    Thank you
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    Hi GB,

    None of our programs have been tested on Windows 10 (only beta versions are currently available).  We expect the 2016 releases to be fully compatible with Windows 10.


    Please look at our article: 



    Its focused on our other product Reckon Accounts Business, but some of those tips may also apply to RAP.


    Then there is:



    which may warn you of some of the subtle changes in new Windows versions that may be material to the proper functioning of RAP.


    Where you get errors check out:




     Hope some of these help you getting RAP working on Windows 10.

    Alex - With regard to the Personal Range, as a company we are fully committed to maintaining our support for the Personal range.



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    as a company we are fully committed to maintaining our support for the Personal range.

    Unfortunately, the lack of response to many recent questions that have been posted regarding problems with share price support in RPP 2015 do not support this claim.

    I have continued to use RPP 2013, to avoid many of the problems arising from the 2015 build.

    I would like to know how Ver 2013 and Ver 2015 may work with Windows 10. Reckon should have access to the new O/S for testing. Like most other suppliers who have been able to test Windows 10 and unless Reckon has ceased to be a supplier of accounting packages, you should have done the same.

    I and many other RPP users would like to know the results of this testing.

    It is becoming very frustrating that Recon considers it can ignore the requests of many users on this forum for answers to reasonable questions of problems with RPP. Given this history, what will I be paying for in October when your new bill arrives ?