How to view the Product Information screen on Reckon Accounts Desktop

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If you want to know or have been asked to provide information regarding your data file, you can see relevant info on the built-in Product Information screen.

You need to make sure that you have the Reckon Accounts software open.

To display the Product Information screen: 

1) Press and hold down the CTRL key 

2) Simultaneously press the number 1 key on your keyboard (not the 1 on the number pad). 

   This is the keyboard sequence CTRL+1

3) Release both keys

4) The Product Information screen will now be displayed

You can use this screen to find out useful information about the company data file that is currently opened.

File Information

- Data File Folder Location

- Data File Size

- Actions such as upgrading to a newer version, data file rebuilds, data file condense/clean up

- Total number of transactions within the data file

List Information

- Number of records in each specific list type

The first line Product will indicate the currently installed application version and release value.

The release value will show R1 or R1P when the software is initially released.

The release value will show R2 or R2P when the software has been updated with the latest tax table updates.



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