Can't edit entries in Bank Reconcile - Reckon One

Chris P_7712295
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When in the Reconcile screen - I cant click on a transaction to bring up the bill or invoice to look at, edit, change date, add something etc.
I get the "Clickable Hand" link - But nothing happens. 
Am I right that this could be a handy feature?


  • Rod_7542780
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    Editing only works for me where the pencil icon is, why dont you try that
  • Qwerty
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    Hi Chris, Following on from Rod's response, the allocated tab (reconciliation screen) only shows transactions that change the bank account balance. These transactions are: receipts, payments, transfers & journals. To edit them you click the pencil icon as mentioned by Rod. Invoices and bills won't show in the reconciliation screen as they don't change the bank account balance. Another thing to note is that bank account opening balance journals can't be edited via the reconciliation screen. To edit these you do so via the edit bank account screen or via the journal list screen.
  • Ren√®e
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    There are some new features, buttons and functions coming very soon for the Banking module in Reckon One. Watch this space :-)

    If you have any ideas or suggestions please post them to the ideas / suggestions