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Hi all
I have to keep track of stock in two locations so I know what items i have in each location.
I am currently using Accounts Premier Wholesale - does reckon have any version that can keep track of multiple locations or is there some clever work around or facility i am unaware of that can achieve this.


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    I will watch replies closely as we have tried for many years to have this changed with Reckon.  

    Our work around was simply to create a new product code using same as original but with a letter after it to signify the location.  For example, product code 1234 and I want to send stock to Melbourne, then I create product code 1234 M and do an Inventory Adjustment to a new expense account called "Inter Branch Transfers".  

    The downside is we couldn't generate a report that just shows the 'M' separately.  The only other option was to set up a new product code for the warehouse location, and then create sub items for the stock in that warehouse.

    Good luck!
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    I wished they would seriously look at changing this as a "Manufacturing" software it really doesn't cut the mustard.
    My thoughts anyway!
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    Hi Steve and Janelle,

    Reckon Accounts unfortunately does not have a feature that can cater to this scenario. The only way is to continually go through inventory adjustments for both of the locations which I'd have to assume that you have set up 2 separate company files.

    Inventory adjustment would need to be done in file 1 saying that stock is leaving that warehouse. Then another inventory adjustment would need to be done in file 2 saying that stock is coming into the second warehouse.

    It is a very manual way of doing it but this is classed as a workaround.

    Using the same product codes/numbers/names will assist you with tracking the particular item.

    Hope this clarifies the situation.
    Kind regards,
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    not good enough Reckon !!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi Steve and Janelle,

    There is a 3rd party integrated add-on available for those with more intensive requirements surrounding inventory management and manufacturing.

    Reckon Data Recovery Team