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Rhiannon Brawn
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I am paying my Optus bills in reckon via Pay Bill and both the amounts balance in the Amount Due and Amount to Pay columns and I select pay Selected Bill and the 2nd screen shows the amount that I have paid correctly as well.

But then when next I go into Pay Bills it shows that the bills have been underpaid in the Amount to Pay Column and has a credit available for the difference.  I then try to allocate the credit to the bill, but then when I go back in the Pay Bills again it has not allocated it.

It has done it to me for 2 of my Optus Bills and I do not understand why. 

I have deleted the payment and tried it several times and it just seems to not want to work.


  • Shane_6461899
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    Hi Rhiannon,

    I have seen this before, and it seems to be related to negative split line on the bill.  It doesn't happen in every case, and it must be some combination of things on the bill causing it but a negative line seems to be the constant thing.  

    A way around it is to take the negative line off the bill, and create a bill credit for that line.  Then when paying bill apply the credit first, and then apply your payment.  It should then accept it in full.

    Let me know how you go.
  • Rhiannon Brawn
    Rhiannon Brawn Member Posts: 2
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    Thank you, I delete this credit line on both the bills and deducted from the debit amount and this let me successfully allocate the payment and not leave a small balance.  Thank you so much
  • Rabi Bhattarai
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    Hi Shane,
    I am having similar problem for a long time and unable to fix. I work on multi currency environment and this problem occurred not only for foreign currency but for local currency transaction as well. May I have your email address where I could send screenshots for the problem please ?
  • Rav
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    Hi Rabi,

    Welcome to the Community and sorry to hear you're having issues.

    It might be best to have a chat with the Hosted team directly at 1300 799 150 in relation to this so a technician can work through this you, they'll also be able to gather your screenshots.


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  • CindyR
    CindyR Member Posts: 1

    Hi Shane or anyone that can assist please..

    I've had the same issue (Accounts Hosted) and have taken out neg lines, issued credit note, deleted bill payment and re-entered. This has zeroed out my supplier and taken it off the bill payment screen, however, the bill payment was originally in a closed financial year and it's now showing in my bank rec as outstanding but my bank balance is correct, has anyone else had this problem please?