Importing data into Reckon One (other than bank data)

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Aside from bank data, is it possible for any other data to be imported into Reckon One at this stage? For example, chart of accounts, contacts, suppliers, items etc?

It appears that it can't be done, but just want to ensure I am not missing anything.



  • Rav
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    Hi Corinne,

    If you're switching over from another software package, we do have a data migration service which can help you get started. Our current free data migration service offer does indeed cover off the areas you've mentioned, specifically the chart of accounts, item list (inventory quantities on hand are not included), customer list, supplier list and employees (name and address only).

    Custom conversions are also available and the team can provide you a quote on this if required.

    Check out this page for full info and inclusions of our free conversion offer -

  • Matthew Baird
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    Hi Rav.  I'm also interested in this, but I'm unclear as to how the 7-day turnaround on converting a file is expected to work.  Are we supposed to simply stop using our current package for the 7 days whilst the file is converted?   Doesn't seem reasonable or workable to me.
  • Sam G
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    Hi John,

    I do apologies that you have had less than an ideal experience with the Data Migration service.

    To clarify, the Free standard migration to Reckon One encompasses customer and supplier lists, chart of accounts and items list is performed in house. It is my understanding you have requested additional items to this, which is likely where the $500 dollar quote has arisen.

    That aside, you are absolutely correct, it should be easy to bring across your data from a Reckon product, and we are actively building upon our toolset to make this a much more seamless process. This will massively increase our ability to bring in additional types of data (transactional data as an example) from varying sources, (CSV, IIF, XSLX etc.). The feedback regarding our current migration has been heard, and heard loudly and I can honestly say we are committed to making this a better experience for everyone.

    Kind Regards

  • Yasmin
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    Hi guys. What about in a non-conversion scenario? We have a very simple business but a large customer list. Is there any way we can import the customer list from a csv?
  • Sam G
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    Hi Yasmin, 

    At this stage that isn't a "self service" option however we would be more than happy to import the customer list for you.

    If you want to head over to and fill the migration form out one of the team would be more than happy to help.
  • Matt Baird
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    Same here. Downloaded the trial. Couldn’t do anything. Surely a migration path from your existing product (at least) is a must in this day and age. I was impressed with the Reckon One interface but just couldn’t do anything without at least some of my data (chart of accounts, suppliers, employees). Sign up for a 30 day trial, then wait 7 days (or more) for “some” data to be converted for you. Pay if you want all data converted, even from another areckon product. No thanks!
  • John G
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    Hi John,

    Thanks for your feedback regarding access by Zoho to your bank account.  

    Please refer to the Zoho website on their policy of accessing bank accounts....

    Its pretty much standard practice for US and International based online accounting services to use Yodlee as their intermediary.  


  • Janine Constantine_7699196
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    Hi All, was looking at moving from Reckon Hosted to Reckon One mainly because of price for my husbands business but looks like I am going to be held to ransom for my sales data and anything else other than what the free conversion converts. At my place of employment we have just gone from MYOB to Xero with a free conversion for up to 2 years of data and you can also import any other data with a .csv file. May have to rethink the move to reckon one.

  • Corrie H
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    Is this required ( and simple) functionality available yet?

    ( simple self import of data from from varying sources, CSV, IIF, XSLX etc.)