Accounts Payable (BILL) import iif file with line items that apply Tax (NCG) some line items and not

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I am very new to Reckon and IIF files and I am trying to create an example of an iif Accounts Payable (BILL) import file with multiple line items, some have tax applied and others don't.  

Once this example works we will need to automate the creation of these import files from another system into Reckon.


!ENDTRNS          N             
TRNS BILL 03/17/2017 Accounts Payable Fred Bloggs  -1100  XXX Service 0000 1%10 Net 30 N Y   4/30/17 Y 4/30/17 TEST AUTO IMPORT USING IIF FILE FORMAT Thank you! AUTOSTAX Y   
SPL BILL 03/17/2017 Computer  XXX - S:MOXXX0000 750  Travel  N           N  0
SPL BILL 03/17/2017 Telephone/Fax/Internet  XXX - S:MOXXX0000 250  Backfilling  N 128          Y NCG 12.8
SPL BILL 03/17/2017 Telephone/Fax/Internet  XXX - S:MOxxx0000 100  Backfilling  N 128          Y NCG 12.8

This returns a message of 'The taxable setting in tax code NCG has been changed. This cannot be imported.  Have referred to other post/knowledgebase answers and tried some workarounds. I cant get the import to bring in any tax components even if I change the TAXCODE to PURCHTAXCODE, Remove the TAX CODE completely or remove the AUTOSTAX.

Does anyone know if different line items can be assigned TAX or No TAX amounts within a BILL transaction ?




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