Bank statement to bank account end of year reconciliation

Eric McIlwainEric McIlwain Member Posts: 2
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I am currently finalising my F15/16 accounts for my accountant. My bank account statement balance and my bank account balance in reckon One don't match. How can I make the 2 match without having to recheck all my transactions?


  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,289 ✭✭
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    Hello Eric,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    Have you previously reconciled your Reckon One bank entries against your Bank Statement and did the reconciled Reckon One bank balance match the Bank Statement balance?


  • Eric McIlwainEric McIlwain Member Posts: 2
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    thanks for the reply. I have been using Bank feeds to import the transactions. My bank statement shows a balance at the end of 30 June 2016 as $2115.21. The closing balance for the bank account in reckon one is $2067.59. Being a difference of $47.62. How can I adjust the closing balance to reflect my bank account balance so I can close out the year with the correct account balance and make sure the current financial year has the correct opening balance?

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