Unable to Import IIF transaction file into Hosted - can't record invalid transaction

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We regularly import Transactions into QB Hosted without issue. 

Today we are getting the following error when trying to import a BILL - 'Error on Line 6: Can't record invalid transaction'.


The iif format is the same as always (example below in excel for convenience) - line 6 highlighted in yellow.

To test, I even tried importing a file that was successfully imported yesterday - today I get the same error just a different line - again the only thing on this line is ENDTRNS.

Has anyone else encountered errors importing BILL transaction files today?


I've successfully imported an INVOICE file today, so the issue may to be limited to BILL imports.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,768 Administrator
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    Hi Carrie,

    Seems like a strange one, we've been testing out a few things on our end and looks to be ok. However, can you please download the IIF file we've shared HERE and input your data. Does the error persist?
  • carriecarrie Member Posts: 3
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    Hi Rav,
    We tried following the instructions provided and got the same error. Any other suggestions?
  • carriecarrie Member Posts: 3
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    Hi Rav,
    Any other suggestions pls? Not sure what to do next to get this working again.  Thanks!
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