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We are changing our book keeper but before we 'let them go' we need to change a few things.
So far we have created a new account and the current book keeper has added them as Admin to the existing Reckon One book and we successfully logged in and can view the existing book.

How do we make sure that when we remove them as admin on the book:

a)  We still have access
b)  Change the billing details

The book keeper set up the Reckon account under their personal account ID
We sign in using Google authentication (thats another issue i see coming if we stop using Google)

its also a pain that this has to be a credit card debit.  Why cant we use bank direct-debit??


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    Ok, first, do a backup of your books to B drive. Then, download the files you want to keep. B drive and Q drive using the red dot. Let your accountant do whatever he wants. Create your own account on a trial basis, get a unique customer number and then if you ring reckon during working hours in Sydney, you can pay via Direct bank deposit. You can upload your files during the trial. Full features are available, just make sure you respond to the emails about renewing your licence as expiry will get all the files deleted. They used to give you a buffer period, but reading the new email seems like there is no room for error.
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    Hi there Bandie,

    It looks like Fizzer's reply relates to Reckon Accounts Hosted whereas you're query is for the Reckon One product.

    I've just flicked you an email to the address registered against your Community account. Take a look and get back to me when you've got a chance

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    I've responded with the details I think you asked for.
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