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I am having no end of problems with the print capabilities of my Home & Business software.  They have progressively been getting worse over time, but now I am left with no working print option.
  1. I try to print to my connected printer - HP Officejet (am unable to scale pages etc anymore either) and get the following error...  "Could not open printer.  Check your printer selection".  I have been able to print successfully from other programs, even since this error has occurred.  I have reviewed the suggested remedies without success.
  2. Tried Microsoft Print to PDF - no success
  3. Tried to print to Adobe  PDF on Documents\*.pdf - no success.
  4. Have uninstalled and reinstalled printer - no improvement.
  5. Have uninstalled and reinstalled Reckon software - no improvement.
I have been a continuous user of Reckon / Quicken since 1998 and over the past couple years become more and more disappointed with the issues I have with the software.  Also disappoints me to see these sorts of issues arising for others and it not being resolved by Reckon.

I am in quite a bind at the moment, as I had commitments to hand over my data last week to my accountant and I am unable to provide any practical report.  The export to excel option is a waste of time for reporting purposes.

Feeling very frustrated at present!


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,906 Administrator
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    Hi Karen,

    When did this error first start occurring? Since the upgrade to Home & Business 2017?

    Has there been another system change/update ie. OS update, PDF update, printer firmware etc since the last time you were able to print successfully?
  • Dan FardonDan Fardon Member Posts: 44
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    Hi Karen,

    As I have said in several replies over the years, I never print reports directly from Reckon. I always open Excel, copy the Reckon report to the clipboard, and then paste it into Excel, and then reformat it to look like I want it to. This often saves me paper and printer ink.

    For many reports I copy several Reckon Reports into the Excel Worksheet and arrange or combine them. Then in Excel I format them and quite often copy that formatted Excel Table to the clipboard and paste it into the Word Report I have  compiled.

    If necessary, I save that Word Report as a pdf.

    Earlier this week for example, I copied a single Reckon Report into Excel, and used Excel to produce several Charts showing the history from several viewpoints, and pasted the Excel charts into my Word Report.

    Hope this helps

    Dan Fardon

  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,283 ✭✭
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    Hello Karen,

    Firstly, check that there are no irregualr entries in the printer settings in Home & Business - File > Printer Setup >....

    Then, follow the suggestions in the this KB?

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