How to give Accountant Access to Reckon One

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I am trying to share my Reckon One file with our Accountant. I have attempted to enter his email address to share it, have tried a 4 digit logon for his ID, have viewed all of the videos but I can not seem to share with him. 

Any hints??


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    Hi Mandy,

    Where in the sharing process are you finding it failing for you and what is happening?
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    Hi Rav,

    I go to Settings, and under the General section I select Users. I click Add and then a new window opens and I click on Add Staff . Our accountant gave us a 4 digit ID code. I type that into the Username or Email box and agree to add him as a user and then select Next but Reckon says "Unable to find staff in Reckon One database. Make sure that the staff member has an account with the online portal". So I tried the same thing with his email address and get the same message from Reckon. 

    I have also tried to share from the Portal page once I first log in and select the book I want to share and then select Share With User. I enter his email address and select Next and it searches but then says "Unable to validate username HIDDEN EMAIL ADDRESS". I tried to share with his 4 digit ID code and this did not work either.

    I hope this makes sense
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    Thanks for getting back to me Mandy,

    To be honest, I'm not sure what the 4 digit PIN is that your accountant has given you or where that applies in the process. But from your post, it looks as though we've narrowed down what is causing the problem.

    You're following the right process in your second paragraph in your attempt to share the book with another user rather than adding your accountant as a staff member. The problem looks to be that your accountant doesn't have a Reckon account so that your book can be shared to it.

    Registering for a Reckon account is free and once that's done, you can share your book to the email address your accountant has used to create the Reckon Account.

    These two videos will explain it in a bit more detail -


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