Ability to manually match/reconcile bank transactions

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I enter payments in Reckon One when I make payments from my online banking. However, our bank needs two people to authorise payments, so I'm never sure when the payment will actually be made (depends when the other person is able to authorise them). I therefore just put the date I'm entering it.

That causes issues when trying to match the entered payment to the bank transactions. It seems Reckon only matches payments to the bank that have the exact same date. I'm used to MYOB where I could click a 'Find transactions' button to manually find transactions with a different date and match them that way.

Is there a way to do this in Reckon? The ability to find a previously entered payment manually to match to a transaction on the /Core/BankTransaction/Reconcile page? As it is now, I either have to enter payments manually from that screen (which means entering them when I pay them from the bank is pointless), or I have to separately go and edit each transaction to adjust the date so that the match will appear and I can reconcile them...


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    Hi BWPanda,

    I have exactly the same issue and find the bank rec screen is probably one of the hardest I have used :(

    Very much looking forward to the answer to this.


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    Hi guys,

    If its more than a day or so after, the automatic matching in Reckon One won't pick this up however you could look at setting up transaction rules instead -

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    If its more than a day or so after, the automatic matching in Reckon One won't pick this up...
    Is there a way of configuring the number of days either side for matching? If not, that'd make a good feature request.
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