Payroll tax not calculating correctly.

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Hi, I'm having issues with tax when doing pay runs in Reckon one. 

Some weird things about this however, It only calculates incorrectly for Casual employees and it is under calculating not over calculating. How do I rectify this kind of issues, I have double checked all pay items, the PAYG tax, but nothing is out of the ordinary. All is well with the full-time and part-time employees, its just casual. 

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, Thanks. 


  • Shane_6461899
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    Hi Tanah,

    When doing the payrun, if you add from and to dates, the payg for casuals will be incorrect.  You don't need to have these dates entered so you can just levae them empty.  then the payg will be correct.

    So just remove the lines for your casuals, re-enter them without the from and to dates.

  • Tanah_9298852
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    Thanks Shane, that fixes the issue. 

    But why are the to and from dates there then? And why only casual?

    Thanks, Tanah
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    I have this issue in reckon accounts. I cant get the payroll to calculate for casuals. What am i doing wrong

  • John G
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    Please reference the new conversation here: Payroll not calculating for Casuals
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    I am having the same issue. I have called and emailed with the problem and it hasn't been rectified. I only have casual employees and I'm having to override the tax amount each week. 

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    the app doesn't allow you to go ahead unless you have from and to dates?