Profit and loss - detailed report

Bob Hale_9286332
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I have been using Reckon Accounts and that provides a P&L report and a P&L Detailed report.
How can I get the same detail from Reckon One?


  • [Deleted User]
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    I'm wondering the same Question?
  • Kathryn Thomas_9764921
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    Me too! I am unable to create a Profit and Loss report that shows the sub-accounts for Income, however the expenses will. 
  • Selva
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    I just became Reckon 1 user. This question has been raised in 2018, and I have the same issue and it is 2021 now and no one bothered to reply to this, including the Reckon staff. So I do not see any value of being in this community. Any thought please from any one.

  • John Angelico
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    Look under More Options for up to three levels of detail.


    John Angelico