All data missing. Get error "No subscriptions shared with you"

Celia WhittonCelia Whitton Member Posts: 1
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After logging into Reckon One, all my data is gone and I am getting the "Get started now, first 30 days free" page.  If I click on "Shared with me" (for Reckon One Subscriptions), I get the "No subscriptions shared with you" error message.  

I haven't used my account for some time (prior to the May 2017 major release).  I understand that this was an issue for others back in May.  Could you please apply the same fix to my account.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,906 Administrator
    edited November 2017
    Hi there Celia,

    Can I just confirm, are you using your pre-existing Reckon One user name & password or did you create a new Reckon account using Google or Office365 options?
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