Couple of issues when invoicing (discount/item code)

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Using Reckon One

1. Discount - it says when I invoice I can put a % in for a discount, but when I try and do that it converts the % to a $ amount, but an incorrect one. Eg, my item is $100, I want to apply a 30% discount, when I type 30% in it instead discounts $0.30. And when I type eg $30 in it applies it to the whole amount, not to how many items, so I need to calculate my discounts myself as inputting a % doesn't seem to be working. What am I doing wrong?

2. When I create an item I can input an item code, but I can't display this item code on my invoice. Why not? When I try and manage the invoice template there is no option to display the item code.


  • Qwerty
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    Hi Jenny,

    I might be able to provide a suggestion regarding point #1. I was able to replicate the same issue where the % discount value changes to an incorrect $ discount value. For myself, this only occurs when I pressed the enter key after inputting my % discount value whilst that field still has the cursor focus. Instead, after you entering your % discount, try pressing the tab key to move out of the discount field or alternatively use the mouse to click onto the next field. See if this solves your discount issue.

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    Hi Jenny,

    This issue is now fixed.