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Marc H
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Hi. A question for Reckon - earlier questions have been asked (over a couple of years, I think) about the document & line item detail available on the Account Enquiry report and the answer has been "sorry, this is not available."

I'm wondering if/when you intend to do something about that?

I use both the Reference (Header) and Description (Line Item) fields to assist in reviewing and reconciling line items. Without a report that shows these, my task is made all the harder and it seems only logical that the Account Enquiry Report should be able to show these fields - without them, the report seems very limited, as does the purpose of the fields themselves.

This should be a small change in terms of programming and would greatly improve the utility of the report. Could you please address this?

Many thanks.


  • Rav
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    Hi Marc,
    I've just had a chat with our Reckon One team about this and its certainly an area we can look at expanding. Would be great if you could lodge this as an official product suggestion. This will ensure it goes through to our Reckon One devs and product owners. There's a short walkthrough on how to do so HERE
  • Marc H
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    Thanks Rav. Will do.
  • Jon
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    Hi again Marc

    We have a new way to log your product suggestions. You can use our new Ideas Portal to log new suggestions and vote on other suggestions.

    Its another tool to help you guide us on how to make Reckon One even better.


    Jon Martingale
    Reckon One UK