Can I change font size on estimates?

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I am using Reckon One & have just started using the Estimates function. I have customised the Standard template fine with all of the fields that I need. The one thing I can't seem to change is the font size. For the invoices, when you click 'manage templates' to edit the fields the font type and size is above the header, content & footer to be edited. I would have thought this would be the same when managing the templates for Estimates?? Can the font type and size be edited for Estimates and if so, where do I do this?


  • Rav
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    Hi Terry,

    Font size on the Estimates template can't be altered in the same way as invoices as yet. It would be great if you could submit this as a product suggestion, you can do this by clicking on the Help icon when logged into Reckon One > Submit a product suggestion > You will then be taken directly to the Reckon One Ideas portal when you can submit this and it will go through to our Reckon One dev team.
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    I have the same issue. Just couldn't be bothered looking into it for ages, and will defiantly give up now, as I see nothing has been done since 2018, and it is now 2022!