NAB bank feed not working again

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NAB bank feed within Reckon One is not working again, is anyone else having the same issue?


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    Hi Geoff,
    Thanks for your report on this, we've got the BankData team investigating at the moment. I'll come back to you with more info as soon as I receive it from the team.?
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    Hi Geoff,
    Apologies for not getting back to you sooner on this, the case was resolved on Monday afternoon. Please let us know if you continue to have any trouble with the feed.
  • Kellie FulleloveKellie Fullelove Member Posts: 3
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    Hi, I am also having issues with bank data feed using CBA. When I first setup data feed it worked and then stopped. I removed it from my plan for a few months and now have since added it again. Unlinked and relinked the bank account but still no transactions are coming through. Please help

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    Welcome to the Reckon Community, Kellie.

    We've had a look at your bankfeeds and they are up to date so we do not understand why you are not seeing your transactions.

    Please do some simple checks.

    Firstly, have you consumed your monthly download allowance?  In the top right of the Transactions from Bank tab, is the number of transactions left greater than zero?

    While you're in this section are you looking at the transactions from BankData or from a manually uploaded file? Make sure the highlight is on Bankfeed and not Manual.

    Secondly, are you looking at all the transactions here?.  By default it shows only 10 transactions per page -  change this to 100 transactions per page

    Finally, check the number of days transactions are showing as set by the BankData retrieve last field on cogwheel > Settings > General > Book Settings.  The default setting is 60 but you can change it to any number between 1 and 365.  

    Trust one of these steps will show you your transactions.  

  • Master PaintersMaster Painters Member Posts: 9
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    Hi John,

    I too am finding bank feeds unworkably unreliable. 

    Firstly let me assure you
     - I still have plenty of my monthly allowance left
    - I am checking my BankData feed not the manually uploaded one
    - The number of transactions per page doesn't even come in to the equation as it gives the "there's nothing here yet" message.
    - My number of days settings will not be a factor in my issue either as I am having issues with missing data from just the past 4 days
    - Logging out and logging back in does not rectify the issue.
    - My connection is with Bank of Queensland if that has any relevance to the issue.

    What I am seeing is that the BankData feed says it was last successfully completed yesterday and yet it hasn't brought across any transactions from yesterday or the 3 previous days.  ie: Last BankData feed  30/09/18 - completed marked as YES however last data actually  imported was from the 26/09/18.  There are 7 transactions from this missing timeframe.  All data up until the last imported record is complete - there are not missing transactions in the data that has processed.  It's just getting Reckon to process new data in a timely fashion that is becoming a big issue.  I do the majority of my work on this file in a 4-5 day block at the end of every month and find I am often delayed in finalising my work due the BankData not processing. 

    And for the record, this unreliability is the primary reason I am not recommending Reckon One to other small businesses and will be going with QuickBooks for the next company I migrate to a cloud accounting solution.  Which is an absolute shame as I personally feel your pricing structure and modular interface is the most suitable for the small trade operators I work with.  But when it comes to office work we are all so time poor that waiting 4 days for data feeds to update in this digital age just isn't a something we can work with.

    I do however hope you have a permanent solution for this ongoing issue (scary how often it comes up in the community) as I would hate to have to migrate this client to another provider as well.

  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,283 ✭✭
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    Hello Master painters,

    I'm sorry to hear of the interruption to your bankdata service.  

    There was an issue with the Bank of Queensland feed over the weekend that meant transactions from Friday were not received when due.  The issue was addressed this morning and those transactions became available.

    From time to time your Book may experience "refresh" issues and when you enter the Transactions from Bank tab, no transactions appear.  Transactions can be forced by clicking in and out of the Transactions from bank tab, changing the look-back range in Settings and un-linking and linking the bankfeed in Bank connections.  Such issues are continualy monitored by the developers and action is taken to improve system performance, and where needed, a fix included in the regular programme updates.  

    Looking forward to a more reliable bankdata service for you.


  • Michael MatthewsMichael Matthews Member Posts: 2
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    John G
    I'm reading feed problems of 9 to 12 months ago and the problem continues today?  I am one of those affected and I'm only new to the whole Reckon One thing.  CBA 2 corporate credit cards and 2 bank accounts.  The bank accounts work perfectly everyday.  Credit Cards?  Might as well close them down.
    Michael Matthews
    Team Couriers Pty Ltd
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