Error occured acessing company file ERROR (-6000,83)

Jon-Ross Moffett
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hey there, recently a file has been modified but not used by the point of sales terminal. to fix this i replaced the QBW file in the directory with the correct file. Point of sales works however when trying to transfer data from reckon accounts i get the following error message Error occured acessing company file (-6000,83).

this seems to happen when trying to access files that are on the C drive. The problem here is that i need to be able to open files located on the other drives (where point of sales is linked to)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as i need to get this working asap :)


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    Hi Jon-Ross,

    Can confirm that the 'correct' data file you have moved is able to be opened by the Reckon Accounts software while it is located in that directory?

    What is the full drive and path of that directory?

    What is the full drive and path that you have the Point of Sale software linked to?

    We recommend that you contact the Technical Support Team for urgent assistance over-the-phone.


    Reckon Data Recovery Team