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I have set up a personal book to help keep track of payroll as I employ a few people but I don't haven an ABN. Is there somewhere I can put my PAYG withholding number instead?


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    Hi Meng

    Your WPN number goes in the same place as the ABN, you may just need to add a zero to the beginning of the number.


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    I tried that with the leading zeros in the same place but when I click save I still get the below message which prevents the save.  I'm guessing Reckon One does a lookup on the ABR website for numbers entered into that field.

    The Australian Business Number (ABN) entered is invalid.

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    Hi Meng,
    Yes that's correct, that field is active field that verifies ABN's that are input.

    I've had a chat with our Reckon One folks and while what you're needing is not in the program yet, its on the list of things to get looked at.

    It would be great if you could add this as an idea suggestion through the Reckon Ideas Portal so that it can be visible to our devs and also for other users to potentially vote on it as well. If you'd like to do this, click on the Help icon within Reckon One > Submit a product suggestion > You will then be taken directly to the Reckon One Ideas portal. You can browse through existing ideas, vote on any that you think will be particularly useful and also add your own idea. Our Reckon One team are monitoring this portal regularly and will be using popular ideas to formulate future Reckon One updates.
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    thanks Rav - idea submitted!
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