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How do I remove Reckon Cloud Point of Sale from the My Products List? 

It is not one of my products and therefore should not show in the lis . I have no interest in this POS and the method Reckon are using to market it to me.

If any of the "staff" in the 3 ReckonOne books I manage, click on it I will end up getting billed for it. 

Please advise how to remove Reckon One POS.


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    Hi there Ted,
    Appreciate the feedback on this, hopefully I can clear this up a little. The Reckon Portal will be the centralised launching pad for all cloud based Reckon products in the future whereas prior everything was separate and disjointed. It allows for more streamlined access, more control to your settings/details and we're building on this to include more functionality in future. In a way its similar to Google or Office 365's portals where there is one central location for their apps/services even though you may only use one or two.

    Its in no way intended to market Cloud POS or other products to you and I apologise if you felt that way. While you cannot remove the Reckon Cloud POS option within the Portal, the team will be discussing future work including customisation options such as showing currently active subscriptions (just an example).
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    I see what you are getting at. Adobe breaks My Apps down to "All apps" and "Installed apps" while on the other hand they differ in their approach to Reckon, as there is nothing more to pay to access any of them --- because they are already truly MyApps because I have paid for them all.

    As an aside, when I email invoices from Reckon One - I periodically get a very annoying splash screen encouraging me embrace Paypal for payment collection. Again I have no interest in using Paypal for this process. 

    1) I cannot seem to get rid of this annoying notification and
    2) more annoying is that Reckon poses the Question, "do you want to use paypal" in a curiously misleading manner.   My instant reaction to your paypal payment collection splashscreen is NO I don't want it, please go away. Yet if I was to answer No to the question I get led down the path of setting up paypal. Instead I have to answer YES- I confirm I do not want to use paypal.

    Perhaps you could rephrase the question into a more logical YES/NO manner. For example plain English: 

    Do you wish to use paypal? YES / NO.

    ...And ideally offer a "do not ask me again" [x] option.

    Thanks for the explanation to my original Query BTW .  
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    Thanks for getting back to me Ted,

    Any chance you could post a screenshot of that splash screen please?
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    Also Notice that the default selection in green is No which is in fact leading the user to in effect say yes, my preference is to use paypal.   To me this screen is simply a confusing distracting nuisance.  
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    Hi Ted,

    Try this to stop the PayPal prompt.

    1. Click the cog icon top right of Reckon One > Settings > Payment services
    2. Click PayPal > Untick 'Activate PayPal Payments' & save changes.

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    Good one. Thanks for the suggestion. Have just done that and hopefully the confusing paypal nag screen does not come back when I am trying to email invoices.

    Interestingly I just checked my  3 accounts. The two that have the invoices module have this paypal capability and in both instances the paypal option has been defaulted to ON, even though I have never intentionally activated it.   
    Perhaps Reckon could consider changing this default to OFF as the case for the other two payment options offered?



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