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I use Accounts Hosted.  I am needing to see if a Pay Slip was actually sent to an employee. How can I view SENT emails.  I see this issue was brought up in 2016 and a solution was supposed to be set up, but I cant seem to find. HELP PLEASE


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,801 Administrator
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    Hi Melissa,
    There is no sent email functionality available natively in Reckon Accounts Hosted. 

    While I appreciate that may not be the most ideal workflow, an option is to CC/BCC yourself into outbound emails so that it creates a record for you.

    An alternative option is Cosmic Invoice which is a Reckon Accounts Hosted add-on built by our API Partner Chandra at Cosmic Innovations -
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    You cannot. We have been asking for this for years now. Its a huge hole in the system.
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    Well said Kevin, and add, "along with all the other stuff" to complete the sentence.

    Mel, I use the cc me into all emails system.  On all profiles, suppliers, customers, employee, I add my clients email address after the other one, just put a ; in between.  i.e  [email protected];[email protected]

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    That does NOT tell you if it has been received. Its not even close to useful. If the email doesnt exist or if you misspelled it you will never know. Just have a look at how the other software handles it.
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