Accountant requires invite to our file

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Our accountant has requested a 'Reckon Hosted Invite' to our file directly to their email address so we can free up one of our user logins, is this possible?  Literature I have found says to share with their user ID??


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,861 Administrator
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    Hi Kelly,
    Does your accountant have Reckon Accounts Hosted access?
    If so, get their user ID and you can share your file with them. This is best practice and what the recommended path is as you don't need to share your confidential credentials with them.
    This is what you've alluded to in your opening post by sharing with *their* user ID.

    If they do not have access to Reckon Accounts Hosted, they can purchase it which they can use for you and other clients but ultimately, that is their decision.

    Are you currently sharing one your user logins with them?
  • KellyKelly Member Posts: 8
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    Thanks Rav, we have now shared using their ID.
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