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The Reckon One Portal can show a Top Customers List.


Can someone explain why total amount for Top Customers total does not tally with Top Income total. I can only assume it is because it considers all money into the bank accounts, even that which is not income. ie equity in and so on.    In my example $69756 in income but somehow another ~ $36,000 in money received from customers making it show $105,000 which is wrong.   Is there any way to tell the Top Customers to only consider the income accounts. 


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    In regard to the disparity, is the reporting period for each tile the same? (Click the spanner icon to check)
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    Yes they are. All of the Tiles are set to this financial year. 


    Top income and Top expense correlate nicely to the Net Position widget at top right. Green arrows.

    Whereas Suppliers and Customers bear no resemblance.  Reckon one seems to force every individual to be a customer or supplier even when they are neither.  So the $11,850 figure beside the second "Customer " (a) is an amount of equity a person who is neither a customer or supplier added to the business.   It was assigned to Sole Trader Contributions which is an Equity account. Likewise the figures in (b) and (c) for All other suppliers and customers no doubt contain predominantly   equity related transactions that have no relationship to real customers or suppliers.


    I think it would be better if the Customer and Supplier reports (be they Tiles or Reports) could be filtered to ignore these Equity type transactions.  
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