how to process a day annual leave

Leena Mistry
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Can someone please tell me how process a day annual leave.  I'm new to Reckon.

One of my staff has a taken a day leave and I have no idea where I need to enter this.  I tried it on the payrun but then his wage is completley different.

I'm really confused


  • Rav
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    Hi Leena,
    Welcome to the Reckon Community, glad to have you on board.

    We're in the process of making a more in-depth How-To video on this at the moment but in the meantime check out this video, particularly around the 1:45 mark to add a pay item such as leave to the employee in the pay run.

    We've got a bunch of other How-To videos which might be helpful in getting started with Reckon One - Reckon One How-To Video Playlist