Payroll Issues - Reckon ONE Support Failed to answer all questions

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Dear Reckon One, further to a post you have now closed as it  suits you to not respond.  Please supply a link to your training that states that you should not enter a too and from date in the hours that an employee works.  Irrespective of them being casual, part time or permanent.  I have yet to find this information and you have failed to acknowledge this.  We want a response to the answers asked.  The program calculated permanent staff at a casual daily rate with many employees subsequently being taxed less and owing more at the end of the year.  Please do not ignore me as I will go to the media about this. 


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    GCO Administration,
    We've answered your query in full including the cause as to why it occurred, we have NOT ignored or failed to acknowledge any aspect of it. 

    As previously stated, from our end we're going to make it clearer within Reckon One and the Reckon Training Academy workbook for Payroll to understand the implications of date fields.
    Refer to the previous thread for explanations around the cause.

    You've been given all the information required to address and understand this and this case is now closed.
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