Emailing from Reckon has stopped working

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I am unable to email from Reckon, has ceased working in the last couple of day. No changes have been made to Outlook or email accounts.


  • Rav
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    Hi Debra,
    What is happening specifically when you try to send an email?

    Are you encountering any error messages or anything else when you try?
  • Marie Hall
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    When I upgraded to Windows 10 a few years back, I was unable to email invoices from my usual email account.  Reckon themselves created a gmail address for me as gmail was compatible with the new windows.  I sent an email problem.  However, today I haven't been able to.

    I keep getting an error message saying "Invalid Email Details   Either your Email address or Passwork is incorrect.  If your Email address is incorrect please edit it in your Send Forms Preferences".

    I haven't changed a thing.

  • Rav
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    Hi Marie,
    Are you able to re-enter your email credentials into Reckon Accounts and see if that jump starts things for you or check what is currently populated in the webmail settings.
    Edit > Preferences > Send Forms
  • Wendy Wildman
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    I am having the same issue. Running 2019 Premier, with windows 10. Everytime I turn my computor off or log out of reckon I have to input me password, only this time it is not sending emails from invoice.I have checked the send form for my email addres & the correct password and all is correct. What is my next step.
    Regards Wendy
  • Riva Shpak
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    I am having the same problem since yesterday with 2019 Premier, windows 10. Worked for years. Updated the program to Reckon 2020 R1, but id did not solve the problem either. I've been using the client's gmail account for invoicing only. All settings are correct. Totally lost.
  • Judy Hughes
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    I only upgraded to Reckon 2020 yesterday and am not able to email invoices.  I have Windows 10 which I was using with my earlier version and there was never a problem.  Please advise what I need to do to fix this.
  • Kris_Williams
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    I just logged on from an iPad and emailed myself a report successfully, also tried from Windows 10 PC, all ok. That is from Reckon Hosted by the way
  • Nathan Williams
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    Hi guys, I run the premier contractor edition of reckon and I have been having the exact same issue on very odd occasions, sometimes it will run for weeks on end WITHOUT running the "Email details invalid" screen and then totally randomly it will show up, sometimes this can take 3 - 6 attempts of resending to get the email to send. This has been an ongoing issue for 12 months or so, we have never changed a thing in email setting or our emails in general. Just happens totally randomly. If someone has an answer can you please share?? Thank you