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Hello, I have a number of questions regarding terminations that I was hoping someone could help me with.

1.       When terminating an employee what is the release date (last day on payroll), is this the date the payroll gets paid or the last day of the payroll week. Ie payroll week runs from 22 to 28 September and gets paid on 3 October.  Is the release date 28 September or 3 October.

2.       If an employee ceased employment and will not be receiving further pay can I terminate them in Reckon and re-submit their pay event selecting Final Pay Event when lodging.  Their last pay was our most recent pay run.

3.       If an employee’s last pay was processed 2 pay events prior but was not terminated in Reckon until now how would I notify the ATO that it was a Final Pay Event.  Would I find the employee in that Pay Event and lodge them again selecting Final Pay Event.

Thank you for any help.


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    I wondered if there is a documented procedure for terminations also. Thank you
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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Unanswered question. Hello, I had a question below that I posted on Sunday but have not received a response to as yet.  I have spent many hours trying to find an answer to my specific questions with no luck (or I am not seeing something that is obvious)  so hoping someone could help me.

    Is there a process to follow when your question is unanswered.

    Thank you
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    Hi Creena,

    1. Unfortunately this more a question for your accountant as we can't provide tax advice.

    2. This can be performed by submitting an Update Event with only that employee selected and marked as Final Pay Event rather than resubmitting the whole pay event.

    3. Similar to the above, you can submit a pay event with only the terminated employees selected and marked as Final Pay Event.

    Further information - Final Pay Event
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    Great, thank you. I wasn't 100% confident with what to do so this helps a lot.
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    Did you find one?
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