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Just updated to Home & Business 2018 and hoped it would fix the print preview issue that I have, but it didn't.  Can anyone tell me what setting I need to change to get print preview to display properly?  The actual report or invoice prints out fine but the preview is tiny and squished up in the top left hand corner of the page.  It is way to small to read and completely defeats the purpose of a print preview.  I am using a Windows 10 laptop.
If I "Click inside preview to zoom in." I get the following:
Both are completely useless.

Incidentally, the pop up boxes on graphs are also tiny and barely legible.
I am happy enough with how the rest of the program appears on my screen. 


  • Andrew Christie
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    Hi Astro,

    I am using Personal Plus 2018 but I'd say the following would still work for you. On the print preview screen change the Body Font Size to say 16pt

    This should bring the preview up to a suitable size when you click to zoom.

    Don't forget to change it back to 9pt b4 printing!


  • Astro
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    Thanks for the suggestion Andrew but it doesn't really help because by the time I change the font to a readable size then zoom in, it spreads the text over extra pages.  I can read the report fine on my screen before I select print, it would just be nice to preview something correctly before I print it and possibly waste paper etc; nice to know if the layout, columns etc look right before I print.
  • Robyn Kelly (Partner)
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    I know this isn't the exact problem you are having but can you please try this KB article:

    Instead of deleting the wpr file I rename it to .OLD

    If that doesn't help I'll find another KB article.
    Regards, Robyn Kelly
  • Astro
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    Sorry Robyn, I finally found the file mentioned in the article, renamed from WPR.DAT to WPR.OLD then reopened quicken H&B and there doesn't appear to be any difference.
  • Robyn Kelly (Partner)
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    Hi Astro, can you also please try doing the same with the wpr.ini file.

    When data file is open, back up first, then close program.  With program shut rename both the wpr.dat file and also the wpr.ini file.

    Now try again.

    If that doesn't work can you try another printer?

    If not can you see if your printer has an firmware upgrade available?

    Regards, Robyn Kelly
  • Laurie Spackman
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    I know this was asked long ago - I was trying to find a fix for the same problem in Access Database.  My design view was not full size, so the print preview wasn't either. It had horizontal AND vertical scroll bars, and I couldn't even preview 1/4 of the page at a time.  Once I opened the design view to full size, the print preview looked right, too.
  • rogermcd
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    I have the same problem. I have tried another printer but the problem persists, irrespective of the printer

    I have installed Reckon 2022 and am running Windows 11

  • Datarec_ReckonLtd
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    Hi @rogermcd

    Can you edit your Printer settings outside of the Reckon Accounts software, to see if it has any settings related to printing to 'multiple sheets' per page, just in case it is set to something higher than 1.


    Or maybe it has something like this:

  • GillianCreamer
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    Thanks for caring but your suggestions don't help/apply.

    Even if I choose to "print" to 'CutePDF Writer on CPW2' instead of an actual printer and try to preview that, it still displays tiny in the top left hand corner of the page. Yet if I go ahead and "print" it to 'CutePDF Writer on CPW2' and save the resulting PDF document then open the document it displays correctly, just like it prints correctly. It is just the preview that doesn't display correctly.