Suncorp BankData issues

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It would be great, but seeing as I have not had a bank feed since Sept 28, and have since added payroll, I am paying $18 a month for nothing. Yodlee is a joke, I have wasted so much time and money on Reckon, yet you still cannot talk to Suncorp? So take my money a while longer whilst giving me nothing, and I will go get Quickbooks and be done here! Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: Reckon One bank reconciliation UPGRADE!.


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    Hi Paul,
    I've had a chat with our BankData team this morning in relation to the issues you've described. While Suncorp has been subject to a number of technical issues in the last little while, we've had a quick look and can see there is data available up to the 9th of October. In the first instance I'd recommend changing your 'BankData Retrieve Last' field to 60-62 days in order to account for the transactions for that period.

    Secondly, it looks as though there are a number of unlinked connections so our suggestion is to link to the highest Yodlee ID number and then refresh the connection by clicking 'Connect an Account' > Go to the latest Yodlee connection and click the 'Status' link. Reenter your banking credentials in order to refresh.
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    Thanks Rav, I am getting some progress with these tips. I will get back to you soon.

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