I've received my Reckon Accounts Hosted renewal notice, how do I pay for it?

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Have you received your Reckon Accounts Hosted renewal notice? Its really easy to pay and renew your subscription, please follow the steps below.
  • Login to your Reckon Accounts Hosted account
  • Click on Control Panel
  • Select 'Manage Users' on the left
Tick the 'Details' checkbox to give you a more expanded view of your renewal and tick the 'Renew' checkbox

  • Select the subscription option you wish to continue for your renewal eg. annual or monthly subscription and then review & confirm your selection

  • Enter your payment details and select 'Process Payment'

Please note: If your subscription has already expired, please contact our customer service team for assistance in reactivating your subscription.
Reckon Accounts Hosted (Australia) Customer Service: 1300 756 663
Reckon Accounts Hosted (New Zealand) Customer Service: 0508 444 999
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