Customer statement wont show as invoice has been marked as paid twice and balance is less than zero.

Robyn Thomas
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If I unlink the payment, and mark it as paid a second time , the statement balance gets lass as the payments keep adding up.
How do i remove ALL payment off the same invoice?


  • Kwikbooks (Professional Partner)
    Kwikbooks (Professional Partner) Member Posts: 824 ✭✭✭
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    find the unreconciled payments you have added and delete them
  • Robyn Thomas
    Robyn Thomas Member Posts: 9
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    Thank you. Unreconcile and deleted one payment worked ok. Statement is now correct. Thanks
  • nullarbor
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    I have this same problem, it was linked to two receipts with the identical receipt number, I unlinked the receipts (after unreconciling the payment). But the invoice is still showing as paid even though there is no payment showing in the invoice. I have checked the receipts, they are definifetly deleted. I can't delete the invoice as its status is shown as paid.