Reckon Accounts 2019 R2 not working

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I upgrade all my files to 2019 at the start of July and have been using 2019 R2 all month.  When I click on 2019 R2 this morning and try and open a file, it gives me the can't open a file because the file has been upgraded to a newer version.  It looks like it's trying to use 2018?  I've definitely clicked on the 2019 R2 version.  Is anyone else having this problem?  Can someone help please?  I have to do pays today.


  • Neil_6428218
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    Hi Kristy, 

    If you open it again and it still opens 2018, click File > Exit, wait until the session has completely closed and then try to launch 2019 again and it should open the correct version.
  • Kristy
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    Thanks Neil, that has worked.