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Reckon Software ID is connected to ATO - I called and confirmed it.

Yet it still says:
"You have not nominated this software provider to secure transmissions made through online (cloud based) software.To resolve, please log on to Access Manager (AUSkey required) and select 'my nominated software provider' and follow the instructions to nominate a provider, or call the ATO.You will need provide the following details:Software provider name and/or their ABN and Software ID"

Which is simply not true. I called ATO and they confirmed it is connected.

What do I do here?



  • Kwikbooks (Professional Partner)
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    login the your access manager with Auskey as suggested and make sure it is the correct software ID for R1 and is active - wouldn't be the first time someone on the phone got it wrong.
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    A case that I came across yesterday here on the Community was that even though the person had called the ATO twice to register the Software ID, which they confirmed it was twice, they had registered an entirely wrong ABN ie. not their own ABN.

    Can you please check that the ABN you've registered in GovConnect is the correct one for your business.
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    Yeh no I didn't do anyting wrong and the ATO confirmed they had the right one. I had to re-enter it all in Reckon One and re-submit as a new 'payrun' and that worked.