DATA RECOVERY: How to submit a Reckon Accounts Personal Range data file for analysis and repair

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If you have not yet requested a data service, please do so by clicking the link below.
Submit a request for a Reckon Data Service analysis / quote.

You will then receive an email which has the following information;

Your Customer ID: 
Your assigned Data Services Case designation:

Once you receive that email and have been assigned a valid Data Services Case Designation, follow the steps below to send us the Reckon Accounts data file and older backup files for analysis.

Search your computer for the Reckon Accounts Personal Range (Home & Business) data file set so you can send it to us for analysis:

Your Reckon Accounts Personal range data file set would be comprised of multiple files with the same name with different file extensions.

<Filename>.<file extension>

Example file names:

QDATA.QDF – this is the main component

QDATA.QSD – these are supplementary files

QDATA.QEL – these are supplementary files

QDATA.QPH – these are supplementary files

QDATA.RKN – this is a backup set


You will need to send us the nominated data file(s) to undergo the data service by following the steps below.

Ensure that you follow the steps provided to minimise any delays.

Do not send any attachments via email as it will end up in our junk mail, unread and deleted.


Using the WeTransfer online file sending service


 i.            Go to


ii.            Click the “Take me to Free” button on the left side of the screen.


iii.            Click the blue + icon to add your file(s)                  


iv.            Locate and select the file(s) you want to send to us


v.            Enter our email address [email protected] as the recipient


vi.           Enter your email address as the sender


vii.           In the Message field, you must add (copy/paste) the following information, or it will result in delays processing your case



Data Service Case Designation: _______________________



Company Name: _______________________ 

Contact Name: _________________________

viii.            Before you click the button to send us the file, make sure you have placed the required information in the message field

ix.            Then click the Transfer button 

By including the required information in the Message field, it will let us know that the file being submitted is assigned to your case and allow the conversion team to perform the analysis.

If you do not provide this information, it will result in delays processing your case.


Data Recovery Team


  • John Campbell
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    What guarantees do you provide for privacy and restrictions of third party use of the supplied data.
  • Datarec_ReckonLtd
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    Hi John,

    The analysis and repair work is performed in-house and not by any 3rd party partners. 

    If using the WeTransfer file sending service is a concern, it can be sent to us via post or courier.

    The data recovery service is the last resort option if the built-in Validate or Super Validate function does not resolve an issue.

    We would recommend the creation of data file backups at frequent intervals depending on the volume of data entry or changes made to the data file set.

    Keeping multiple sets of backups is also a good idea.

    Generating reports on a regular basis can also help in the event of a catastrophic data file corruption that renders the file unopenable.


    Data Recovery Team

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