DATA RECOVERY: Extracting share price info from QPH file on Reckon Accounts Personal range (Intermed

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DATA RECOVERY: Extracting share price info from QPH file on Reckon Accounts Personal range (Intermediate/Advanced users)

If you want to extract existing historical prices from your Reckon Accounts Personal range share price history file (QPH) you can use the free Reltan QPH File Processor Utility

IMPORTANT: This utility and its use are not supported by Reckon.


Data Recovery Team


  • John Campbell
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    It is good to see some activity in this area by Reckon, possibly recognising this is an area that could be much improved.

    I would like to extract all share transactions associated with a company or account. I have problems with the available reporting formats for share price or number of shares, as rounding can take place when reporting these transactions. This is often the case when for example a dividend reinvestment, where the share price is adjusted for the total dividend.
    Another problem is that the transaction is often reported as multiple lines, with the number of shares and total cost reported on different lines.

    Is there any possibility that these reports could be improved ?

    Also regarding the .QPH file, it would be helpful if Reckon provided a rebuild option so that duplicate (obsolete) price and company records could be removed. A lot of junk has been collected in this file due to QPP program updates.

    There is so much more that could be done to improve the use of this data. See "Investing > Security Detail View" where so much could be done to populate many of the "N/A" fields and also improve the functionality of the display. I have asked many times to have a filter option on the company drop down so that only companies that have an available price in the date range are listed.
    A update button to select updating the N/A fields from the available price records could fix a lot of these, eg 52-week High Low and Average volume. For ASX listed shares, a lot of the other fields could be incorporated into the share price download update.

    These and many more other fixes could be easily achieved for minimal development work.
  • Datarec_ReckonLtd
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    Hi John,

    This recent post was primarily to resurface information from existing community articles that may be useful, such as those you have been active on regarding the Personal range product.

    In terms of any further functional improvements to the software, unfortunately, the Data Recovery Team has not been advised of any specific plans or timeframes.


    Data Recovery Team

  • Kevin_9915502
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    Why is it in the Portfolio View>Customise View area, there is heaps of additional columns available to add to the display, however heaps of them do not contain data, blank. I assume these are a legacy of the USA QUICKEN. Some of them would be extremely useful, can RECKON do something about either populating the data of removing them?